Smashrooms is a universe where everyone can earn money through gaming skills and contributing to the ecosystem. It is multiplayer game with NEAR Protocol technology, NFT and decentralized finance to create an exciting next-generation fighting game. Smashrooms will be available on Android and iOS, as well as on other platforms in the future.
Smashrooms is an exciting and at the same time easy to learn the fighting game. Players create or buy their own character with a certain set of unique abilities. Battles are fought between two players, on land owned by other players, who can set the rules of the battle on their land and the battle tax.
Players own gaming assets, like Smashrooms and lands, in the form of NFT and in-game currency, $MUSH tokens. The game offers multiple play-to-earn systems, which gives players the flexibility to choose a strategy. Players can also earn a $SMASH token, which will allow community members to manage the gaming platform in the future. This opens up incredible possibilities, but it needs to be approached very carefully. Many projects use the term "decentralization" as a ploy and do not keep their promises in the future. The transition to a truly decentralized organization in Smashrooms will happen gradually over time.
We believe that in the future, work and leisure will become whole. Players will be the protagonists and creators of the game as they wish. Smashrooms provide players with multiple ways to actively or passively participate in the in-game economy. With this approach, we create a game universe for different users, so that players can choose different roles in the gameplay and freely manage the decentralized economy.
The main ways to earn in Smashrooms:
  1. 1.
2. Owning land for fighting
3. Completing weekly quests
Smashrooms is designed to introduce thousands of unfamiliar audiences to the blockchain. We dream that the battles of cute creatures and our wonderful community can change this world.
Welcome to our incredible universe!
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